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Have telescope, will travel
Would you like to book The Visiting Astronomer for anything from one hour to an all-night viewing session?
Then please click this address to send me mail:

Or telephone me on 07572-101-119.
If you would like advice on buying a telescope or setting up one that you have already purchased, then I am willing to visit you and give advice or help you set up your 'scope.
To see the set-up for my large Meade 10" SCT visit my Roll-Off Telescope-Shed website at Moonfruit.
The image I took of M57, the Ring Nebula (on the left between the two galaxies M31 and M106) was done using Meade's Deep Sky Imager.  I have the original DSI, but I'm sure the DSI II is an improvement.
For the lunar image at the bottom, I used an inexpensive webcam, the Philips ToUCam with an attachment that allows it to take the place of the telescope's eyepiece.  I used NCH Software's Debut video recording program to capture the images as AVI files.
The two galaxy images are from Hubble Space Telescope pictures, as is the one of deep space on this site's homepage.