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Have telescope, will travel
I will come to your house, scout hut or camp, company premises, pub or other party venue for an evening's viewing of the night sky using my telescope and binoculars.
The telescope is an excellent Questar 3.5" Maksutov and is attached to a fully computerised GOTO mount.  So whatever is visible, we can find it.
If you live near to my home in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, I can visit you for as little as an hour.  That way I can show you the Questar telescope and give you an idea of what will be available for your party, 'do' or get-together.
I can also visit you during the day, if you live near.   This way you can get to see the telescope equipment during daylight hours and I can show you views of the Sun, using the Questar's special solar filters.
I can also be booked for special events such as solar or lunar eclipses, meteor showers and the rare appearances of visible comets.  Note that these bookings would need to be made well in advance of the specific event and would only be worthwhile if it the event were visible from England.
If you book me and the weather is unsuitable for viewing the heavens, then I can still set up my planetarium in a darkened room or large tent.  That way I can at least give a talk and show what we would have been able to see, had the weather not stopped our night sky viewing.
In this case I would charge a nominal amount to cover my expenses and the shortened time that I am with you.  Often though, if we use the planetarium we may find that the sky clears and we can still go outside and view the heavens.
Charges start from as little as 25 per hour and will always be agreed in advance.